Streamlined Supply Chain Management

Streamline production and get your products where they need to be with (ECM)

Supply Chain Management Solutions for Wire Harnesses & Electronic Assemblies

Streamline production and get your products where they need to be with Electri-Cord (ECM). We will work with you to create a custom supply chain management program to competitively source the needs for your project. 

From initial development to production to fulfilment and end-of-life, we excel at product lifecycle management and focus on ensuring quality at the source. Whether you require small or large volumes, or simple or complex designs, Electri-Cord (ECM) will help you securely and cost-effectively deliver products to your specifications across the globe.

Robust Supplier Vetting & Risk Mitigation

With decades of experience in Asia, Electri-Cord maintains a trusted network of long-term supply partners and a dedicated support team, both locally and globally, who will work with your requirements, budget, and production schedule to ensure you receive the high quality electronic assemblies.

No need to waste valuable time, energy, and expense navigating complex relations overseas. Electri-Cord’s team of sourcing agents will remain on the front line of all negotiations—establishing terms per your requirements, managing all matters of importation and tariffs, and ensuring a high level of quality at every stage of the process.

Global Logistics Management

Whether the job requires small package or specialized rigging, ECM can accommodate your needs. With Multi-Modal Air, Ocean, & Ground Logistics, we can adhere to existing routing guides or create a custom solution to ensure your wire harnesses, power cords, or electronic assemblies are delivered when and how you need them.

To ensure your cargo’s security, Electri-Cord recognizes the import role the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism plays in the international Supply Chain. All logistics providers to Electri-Cord are required to be C-TPAT certified.

Custom Engineering Support, Documentation, & Testing

We’re here to bring your innovations to life through our manufacturing expertise. Using AutoCAD® and SolidWorks technology, Electri-Cord can translate your product into a Production Documentation Package (PDP) comprised of professional prints and specific engineering instructions to ensure repeatability and optimal quality in manufacturing.

Once your prints are developed, Electri-Cord can prototype your electronic assembly in one of our U.S. manufacturing facilities. We test each component to ensure it maintains RoHS & REACH compliance and adheres to our strict quality standards. Electri-Cord will troubleshoot any issues that arise to ensure your product is ready for large scale production. As your volumes increase, our product transfer process allows us to expand production into one of our factories located in Mexico, Vietnam, Taiwan, China, Thailand, or Brazil.

Electronic Manufacturing Outsourcing Backed By Quality Assurance

When you work with Electri-Cord, quality isn’t just controlled, it’s guaranteed. Along with our global partners, Electri-Cord maintains numerous industry certifications to support our approach to enhanced overall quality and customer satisfaction. We will ensure all necessary testing, certification, and regulatory compliance guidelines are in place to provide you with wire harnesses, power cords, and electronic assemblies that meet or exceed the quality standards required by your industry.

Through our sourcing review board, Electri-Cord partners with the most capable facilities around the world. We employ routine source auditing to control the quality and repeatability of our customers high reliability products.

Warehousing Solutions for Your Global Supply Chain

Avoid filling up your shelves or paying a third-party logistics warehouse to store your products for you. Trust a company who knows your product and your distribution requirements to provide a solution that will save you time, money, and space. ECM has the capability to stock products in the United States as required, keeping the pipeline full and helping you meet our internal or customer fulfillment strategies.

Check out our Minnesota location for more on our warehousing solutions!

Kitting & Packaging for Wire Harnesses, Power Cords, & Electronic Assemblies

Streamline production, lower shipping costs, and get your electronic assemblies to market faster with our kitting and packaging services. Don’t waste time or risk error shipping, picking, weighing, and labeling individual components. Electri-Cord can compile all parts of an assembly, no matter where they are produced, into a convenient box, container, or crate customized with your company logo or messaging.

We can also pre-print labels with applicable part numbers, bar codes, or other relevant information to keep production simple, quick, and cost-effective. Add tamper, shock, tip, humidity, or other indicators to ensure your product arrives to its destination in pristine condition.

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