Custom Electronic Manufacturing Solutions

Custom Wiring Harnesses, Cable Assemblies, Power Cords, Box Builds, & Control Panels

 Initial Concept, Development, Production, End of Life

Electri-Cord offers turnkey solutions to produce custom wiring solutions manufactured to your exact specifications.

Delivering Manufacturing and Distribution Solutions to Thrive in the Global Market

Electri-Cord offers turnkey solutions to produce products manufactured to your time, cost, and volume specifications. Combined with our Globally Local© approach to manufacturing, this is what makes us your trusted source for a variety of custom wiring solutions.

We offer custom wiring harnesses, cable assemblies, and other electronic services for your unique application. Custom electronic manufacturing ensures that your power cords, box builds, and other products are manufactured according to your exact specifications and required approvals, leading to more cost-effective and efficient processes.

For more than 75 years, Electri-Cord’s experienced team of engineers has developed high quality electronic solutions to serve our customers in a wide range of industries. 

From initial concept and design all the way through production and end-of-life, we will work with you every step of the way to ensure your unique needs are met. Contact us to begin discussing your project requirements.

Custom Wiring Solutions

At Electri-Cord, we provide comprehensive solutions for manufacturing products that meet your specific requirements for timing, cost, and volume.

Custom Wire Harness Manufacturing

Electri-Cord manufactures a wide variety of wiring harnesses, from single conductor jumpers to peg board assemblies with hundreds of break outs. Specializing in custom applications from light-duty lead wire to heavy-duty cable assemblies and precision wire harnesses.

Cable Assembly Manufacturer

Cable assemblies provide cable strain relief and improved pull strength to protect cables and wires in harsh environments. Electri-Cord can over-mold connectors and strain reliefs to create high-quality and flexible assemblies. Customize with a company logo, product designator, or other custom labeling.

Power Cord Assembly Manufacturer

We offer a range of domestic, international, and hospital-grade power cords designed to meet or exceed all safety and operation standards. Electri-Cord provides a variety of standard and custom manufactured power cords with the ability to scale production from our multi-site approach in the US, Mexico, and Asia.

High-Level Assembly Manufacturer

Simplify production, manage floor space, reduce inventory, and more with Electri-Cord’s contract manufacturing of High-Level Assemblies (HLA’s). Through advanced technologies and in-house assembly solutions, we can support customers in automotive, medical & life sciences, alternative energy, military, and commercial & industrial industries.

Panel Assembly Manufacturer

We can build UL508A-certified panel assemblies from your prints and specifications. We utilize an operations process involving in-house assembly solutions. We can simplify production, manage floor space, and keep costs lower while bringing your custom panel assembly designs to life by taking care of all aspects of the supply chain and manufacturing ourselves. 

Custom Box Build Manufacturer

At Elecri-Cord Manufacturing, We have the resources and skills to develop and manufacture a wide range of custom box-build electronic assemblies. Our box builds are high-level assemblies built to customer specifications, including engraving, electrical and function testing, ModCenter enclosure customizations, and the ability to meet UL508A approval.

Contact Us for Custom Electronic Manufacturing & Assembly

Electri-Cord is a UL, CSA, and ISO certified provider of innovative electronic manufacturing services for our customers around the globe. Since 1946, our knowledgeable team of experts has engineered state-of-the-art business solutions to tackle all of your wiring applications. To learn more about our custom services and products, contact us today or request a quote for a more comprehensive cost estimate.