Custom High-Level
Assembly Solutions

We have the resources and skills to manufacture various custom High-Level Assemblies (HLAs) for the most demanding vertical markets.

At Electri-Cord Manufacturing we’re wired for anything, turning innovation in electronics into an applied science.

High-Level Assembly Manufacturing (HLA) is an operations process that utilizes key in-house assembly solutions to simplify production, manage floor space, reduce inventory, and achieve budgeting goals. 

High-level assembly manufacturing allows for the control of fixed costs through increased planning and awareness of Review for Manufacturability, Quality Management Systems (QMS), and Direct Order Fulfillment (DOF).

Box Builds

High Level Assembly Manufacturing (HLA) can provide convenient and reliable services for your box building needs. Our HLA systematic experts can create a box build strategy that is specifically suited to your project needs.

Panel Assemblies

At Electri-Cord we can provide proven custom High Level Assembly Solutions for your panel assembly needs. Our HLA panel assembly procedures allow us to build UL508A certified panel assemblies with consistency and to your specific prints and specifications.

High Level Assembly Manufacturing (HLA) Applications

Whether your application design specifications require Review for Manufacturability, Design for Manufacturability (DFM), or Direct Order Fulfillment (DOF), Electri-Cord can assist with your HLA needs. Some of the industries that directly benefit from custom high-level assembly solutions include:

Custom High Level Assembly Manufacturing Services for Box Builds, Panel Assemblies, & more

Electri-Cord can scale from quantity 1, configuration 1 to medium or high volume production within a wide range of industrial applications. 

Many customers have a high level of confidence in our Quality Management System (QMS) and leverage our Direct Order Fulfillment (DOF) services to minimize handling and total production costs for their box build and panel assembly needs.

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