Medical and Life
Science Industry

Custom Cords, Wires, and Cable Assemblies for the Medical Industry

Medical Grade Assembly Manufacturing Services

Hospitals, clinics, and laboratories depend on hospital grade electrical cords, cable assemblies, wiring harnesses, high level assembly solutions, and other innovative medical products to provide a reliable electrical supply to patients and machinery. With technologically innovative solutions, Electri-Cord provides high quality hospital grade wiring harnesses, cable assemblies, high level assemblies, and power cords that are manufactured to your project’s exact specifications.

At Electri-Cord, we take a customer-focused approach to the manufacturing and assembly of electronic products for the medical and life science industries. We can take your unique specifications and manufacture a custom medical grade solution based on your exact design requirements. While most manufacturers focus solely on volume production, we provide direct assistance throughout the entirety of a product’s lifecycle.

Medical Grade Manufacturing Certifications

At Electri-Cord, we understand the importance of keeping your medical systems running smoothly and effectively. This means making sure that the products we manufacture are in full compliance with all the safety standards required for your specific industry.


UL-Certified, Medical Grade Manufacturing

Electri-Cord is proud to supply you with the highest quality, hospital-grade cords, wire harnesses, and cable assemblies.

We subject our products to rigorous testing processes to make sure that we meet every regulation and third-party certification required. All Electri-Cord medical cords, wire harnesses, and cable assemblies are UL-certified and manufactured to IPC-A-620 manufacturing standards.

Medical Grade Box Build and Panel Assembly Manufacturer

From simple power distribution units and box builds to highly complex control panels, Electri-Cord can provide convenient and reliable manufacturing services for you. Whether you’re in need of a simple circuit board assembly or a complex stand-alone PDU, Electri-Cord can manufacture electronic enclosures to work with any application. 

Our HLA systematic experts will support your electro-mechanical project from the initial design and prototyping stages through full volume production to create a box build or panel assembly solution specifically suited to your needs.

Hospital Grade Power Cords

For over 70 years, Electri-Cord has been a long-standing trusted partner for some of the top medical companies throughout the world. Our hospital grade power cords are manufactured to our customer’s exact specifications for a wide range of applications. Electri-Cord’s hospital grade power cord specifications are 100% individually tested and meet or exceed all UL requirements. 

Specially designed for use in hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities, our medical power cords are made with soldered pins and custom molded strain relief to provide increased pull strength and eliminate potential risk.

Custom Medical Cable Overmolding Assembly Services

Electri-Cord has experience manufacturing hospital grade assemblies for a wide range of medical products used in the medical and life science industries.

We can take your unique specifications and manufacture a custom, high-volume cable assembly solution based on your exact design and application requirements. Choose Electri-Cord, and have confidence in your medical cable assembly with our fully tested, ITAR-Certified custom overmolding assembly solutions.

Full-Service Contract Manufacturing Services

Custom contract electronic manufacturing process solutions allow for certain aspects of production to be handled by an outside service provider. When handled properly by an outside electronic contract manufacturing company, custom electronics assemblies can save significant amounts of time and resources.

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