Custom Solutions for Renewable Energy

Custom Built Wiring Harnesses, Cable Assemblies & High Level Assemblies for the Renewable Energy Industry

Advanced renewable energy product manufacturing

Now, more than ever alternative and renewable energy solutions are needed to ensure that resources and a clean environment are available for future generations. Creating sustainable renewable energy products that improve the planet, while simultaneously providing a solution to a problem is vital to the world’s future success. Electri-Cord continues to keep pace with the global movement to develop clean, alternative sources of energy.

At Electri-Cord, we build custom wiring harnesses, cable assemblies, and high level assemblies that are appropriate for a wide range of applications in the Alternative Energy sector. Our knowledgeable engineers will work closely with your team to ensure all products are manufactured to perform to the highest standards, providing a high level of service and reliability. While most manufacturers focus solely on volume production, we provide direct assistance throughout the entirety of the product lifecycle.

Quick & Cost-Effective Approach to Renewable Energy Electronics Manufacturing

Our comprehensive range of electronics manufacturing services and capabilities has enabled Electri-Cord to respond with cost-effective solutions to our customers’ Alternative Energy requirements. From prototype to final production, Electri-Cord’s engineering and manufacturing teams work closely with you to add efficiencies that may reduce lead time to market – keeping you ahead of the latest industry advances.

Alternative Energy Wire Harness & Cable Assembly Quality Testing Solutions

At Electri-Cord, we provide complete, ready-to-use solutions for renewable energy applications. Our custom alternative energy wire harness and cable assembly products are manufactured to meet your unique requirements, including all applicable industrial and international quality/conformance standards. We offer quality testing for the following alternative energy products:

  • Wiring Harnesses
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Power Cords
  • High-Level Assemblies

Custom High-Level Assembly Manufacturing

Electri-Cord can scale from quantity 1, configuration 1 to medium or high volume production for the renewable energy industry. Our customers maintain a high level of confidence in our Quality Management System (QMS) and leverage our supply chain management services to minimize handling and total production costs for their box build and panel assembly needs.

to exact specifications

Box Builds

From simple power distribution units to highly complex control panels, Electri-Cord can provide convenient and reliable services for your box building needs. Our HLA systematic experts can create a box build strategy that is specifically suited to your project needs.

Panel Assemblies

At Electri-Cord we can provide proven custom High Level Assembly Solutions for your panel assembly needs. Our HLA panel assembly procedures allow us to build UL508A-certified panel assemblies with consistency and to your specific prints and specifications.

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